Cfp: Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults

The (American)Young Adullt Library Services Association's peer-reviewed, open-access journal, the Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults, has a call papers for its Spring 2012 issue on the theme of Twenty-First Century Literacies. "The issue will feature articles focusing on different twenty-first century literacies. Possibilities include information literacy, traditional literacy, multicultural literacy, transliteracy, visual literacy, media literacy, civic literacy, or economic literacy, to name a few. Contributors are invited to submit articles that focus on literacies from different theoretical, pedagogical, practical, policy and research perspectives. Guidance can also be found in YALSA’s National Research Agenda. Please contact Sandra Hughes-Hassell, editor, at to discuss submissions and use the author guidelines." Papers are due by February 13, 2012. The journal website is at
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  1. The issue will highlight articles concentrating on various twenty-first century skill levels. Potential outcomes incorporate data proficiency, customary education, multicultural education, transliteracy, visual education, media education, city proficiency, or financial education, to give some examples. Coursework Benefactors are welcome to submit articles that attention on skill levels from various hypothetical, instructive, pragmatic, strategy and research points of view