My computer is unwell #lilac11

I should have paid more attention to the blue screen of death that I got during David Nicholas' talk yesterday, since the next time I logged on, my poor laptop made horrid clicking noises, so I think there is (at the lilac conference) something wrong with the fan. That curtailed my blogging yesterday. I am now resuming with a new smaller laptop: I'm not sure yet about whether I'll be doing many pictures, and I will catch up on yesterday's afternoon sessions later on. I also managed to lose my reading glasses and I missed the first part of Nikki Heath's keynote whilst trying British Library lost property. It sounded really good (giving the perspective of a very active school librarian) so I will also try to catch up on that. Just heard a nice quote from her "Someone dislike sprouts, others dislike reading" (discussing the problem of teachers not reading for pleasure, and how to get them involved).
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